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Pueraria Mirifica, the Thai Secret of Youth

Attempts to slow down the aging process fuel billions of dollars in world's pharmaceutical sales every year. Encompassing everything from dietary supplements to designer drugs which stimulate (or simulate) natural processes, the industry is scrambling to create the next wonder product which everyone has to try. But as we’ve seen so often before, the answer might not be in creating something new, so much as rediscovering our past.

History of Kwao Krua or Pueraria Mirifica.

         From the hills of North Thailand…..“Aging women around 70-80 years old, who take this substance, when healthy, will menstruate again. If aging men take this substance, that person will become like a young man.”  
                                                                    (Luang Anusarnsoondhorn, 1931)

Members of tribal villages perched high in the mountains of North Thailand, has been harboring a secret for hundred of years. From the outside, those are like any rural enclave, with small communities peaking out a living from farming rice on the dusty arid slopes surrounding the villages. But when you look closely, you’ll notice something different about them. Apart from the fact they’re all mostly old and healthy, they’re looking remarkably fresh! Their skin is smooth and there’s barely a wrinkle to be seen. 
And even the 92-year old matriarch has a full head of jet-black hair.
All these longevity traits and more are said to be due to a natural diet which includes a local root growing wild in the slopes and valleys of the North.
It was first written about when ancient historians discovered traces of it in ruins
of the Ancient City of Pookam, now in Burma. They noted its use in combating hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopause.
And its clinical significance was more fully detailed 80 years ago, in a published work by a notorious anthropologist. He noted its powers in anti-wrinkling, memory enhancement, strong eyes and teeth, darkening hair, and the somewhat ambiguous statement of “ability for entertaining a thousand customers”. Medically, many of these claims have already been clinically proven, including its ability to stimulate collagen growth (to stop wrinkling and pro-mote smooth skin), and preventing hair discoloration (leeching of hair color over time, leading to gray colorless hair). And it’s currently being used as an alternative to costly hormone therapy for post-menopausal women, and to prevent cancer.
The root in question, which grows wild in the rough terrain of the North, it is their big secret. It’s a vine with a root network like a string of pearls. Each root-string has a series of radish-like bulbs that grow to the size of a grapefruit, and is traditionally eaten fresh as a fruit or a condiment (like garlic, or pickles). However, as the Thai Tribe become more sophisticated, so too do the varieties of uses for it, which is now powdered for cosmetics, and in cream for the full body.
The Mae Fah Luang University, in Chiang Rai, arguably the world’s foremost researcher on the properties of Thai herbs, has conducted various studies on the plant over the last 24 years. Its has pioneered the processes to refine the key ingredients from the root, and to make this available as an alternative medicine for everything from skin creams (adding richness through increased collagen formation, especially to breasts, hands and face), to tablets for a stronger and more stable constitution.
The University is currently collecting data on efficacy and side effects, and so far its is very pleased with the results. Among other tests, was found it increased the virility of rats by about 7 times when taken in human equivalent doses.
Although there were concerns about cancer, recent studies show, if anything, it reduces incidences (especially in the case of age-related problems, like prostate cancer for men, and breast cancer for women). Getting back to the roots (no pun intended) at the tribal village they found very little incidence of even the mildest forms of prostate problems, which most people take for granted as they get older.
The ocurrence of breast cancer in women from North Thailand it is very rare.
And as a result of its research, the herb’s root extract is being adopted by leading manufacturers, who are becoming increasingly aware of the “natural alternative therapy market”, to include in their upcoming products. And major world's export markets are emerging starting with Japan and the US, which happen to be two of the heaviest users of herbal products in the world.
This herb its being implicated in everything, from stopping wrinkles and stopping serious illness, to increased awareness and virility, it just could be the greatest natural medicinal revolution since penicillin. We call it the Thai Secret.

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