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Thai Meditation
(Buddhist Style)

What is Buddhist Meditation?
Meditation is simply a method of training our mind to become peaceful.
When our mind is peaceful, we free ourselves from worries and mental discomfort, and we allow true happiness to arise.

The Benefits of Meditation
Many of us lead very busy lives, and finding the space to turn inwards and
meditate each day can be a struggle in itself.
But meditation allows us to recover our strength, collect our thoughts and to see things in perspective.
A longer term commitment to practice will bring its rewards, not least a calm,
peaceful mind which remains happy even in the face of difficult circumstances.
And of course, with a peaceful mind, we are then far more likely to find
solutions to our problems and respond constructively without loss of heart.

Types of Meditation
There are two types of meditation: analytical mediation and placement
meditation. When we practice analytical meditation we contemplate the meaning of a spiritual instruction, and eventually we reach a definite conclusion or cause a specific virtuous state of mind to arise.
Placement meditation is when we concentrate ‘single-pointedly’ on this conclusion or virtuous state of mind for as long as possible to become deeply acquainted with it.

Effort without Hardship
Although training the mind takes sustained effort, it is a gentle practice
and does not require physical deprivation and hardship.
The more we practice meditation, the more familiar our mind becomes with inner peace and virtue.
Over time, our ability to experience that inner peace between meditation
sessions increases, whatever our circumstances.

About Master V. Vajiramedhi

Master V. Vajiramedhi

Master Vajiramedhi it is probably the most admired Buddhist Monk in Thailand, and the most well known internationally by his continuous activities in foreign countries, and his concerns and involvement in Thailand affairs. He started his Buddhist life very young in life..
He is author of many books about Buddhism, only few ones translated in English. Being so young, we can expect to have the chance to know a lot more about his work and writing in future years.

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