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Thai Farm Cooking

Escaping from the bustling city for a day. Come learn how to prepare and cook a Thai meal while enjoying the relaxing non-touristy countryside.
The Thai Mountain Farm and Resort is located in Banta, approximately 50 miles from Chiang Rai city.

On the way to our farm/resort we will stop at a local market for a brief tour.

Upon arrival we will take you around our place and neighboring dairy farms, and a short trecking on the countryside, river and water fall.
You will be able to see many different kinds of organic herbs, vegetables and fruits. You will be given the opportunity to pick some of the fresh ingredients that we will use while preparing your favorite dishes. Each person will have the chance to participate in the cooking. Finally, enjoy eating your meal on our outside patio overlooking the gardens, where you will have a splendid view of the entire farm as well as the lush nearby mountains.

After lunch we will visit the town of Chiang Khon, one hour away, on the Laos border and by the Mekong River, for an exciting tour and local handcrafting expeience with ancient tribes and communities.
You will learn more than cooking!
Not only will you learn the basics of Thai cooking, but you will definitely see how a Thai family, with many years of experience and resourcefulness, creates a simples and healthy farm living. We know that your time with us will go well beyond a kitchen and farm setting. It's a truly unique experience raised on a labor of love and much hard work. 
        Welcome to Noy's farm/resort!
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