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Dear Friends.

During my life, first my mother at young age of 47 in 1964, later my father and close friends, died from cancer after long and painful treatments.
After sharing its suffering and its last moments, I promise that I never will put myself in that situation.
In December 2007, In San Diego, California, at 63 years old, I was facing the same challenge and dilemma. 

After a colonoscopy with Dr. Erron Korn, to find the reasons for a persistent acid re-flux, and test and exams, a malign massive colon cancer was found. 
The oncologist, Dr. Ken Johnson called for an urgent surgery, because the tumor was very big and extended, never explaining any details about it, and about any following treatment.

With doubts, but in preparation for the surgery, the surgeon did something that probably saved my life. 

He told me what I can expect during, and after the surgery, and in my future life.
He told me that the surgery will remove a big part of my stomach, and the splint. 
He also said that I will have to spend a week in the hospital in recuperation and control, because infections are very possible in my particular situation.

He told me that, after the surgery, I will have to evacuate in a sack holding outside my body, and with a Stage 3 colon cancer, will be also a big chance for the need of chemotherapy and radiation after surgery, to avoid metastasis.
He just told me that my life never will be the same.

Finally, this surgeon told me that if he was in my situation, he never will go into surgery. Coming from a surgeon, that was an eyes opening.

The following day, I canceled everything.

Back to my gastroenterologist for advice, he decided to perform another colonoscopy, this time to remove what he can of the tumor. He did, but the following biopsy still positive. The oncologist insisted in urgent surgery. 
The gastroenterologist ask me to wait, to let me body respond first with the help of a good nutrition, exercise, and relax...and to look for natural options.

I started looking for alternatives, even if my friends were insisting that I had to follow the oncologist opinion and go into surgery. After all, he was a well-known cancer specialist in California.
At the same time, I didn’t have so bad symptoms I cannot live with, but also I was having hard times with my financial and personal life, fighting stress and serious depression. I knew that was a recipe for cancer, and more.

I decided just to relax, and I did, getting my retirement, moving to Baja, coastal Mexico, and looking for alternative treatments, that took me also to Cuba.
Some of those treatments are explained here, but I knew that I need it to avoid stress......and I did that was on my plans from long time.

I “retired” in Thailand, on countryside Chiang Mai for 3 months in 2010, changing my diet, getting into Thai Meditation practices, and writing my journey memories.

Back in San Diego, new exams didn't found any tumor. I was free of cancer.
I moved to Thailand in 2011, and my health is better than ever. I have to admit; sometimes I am worry about my health, and little paranoid every time I have any simple stomach problem that was very normal in the past.

The decision in look into new alternative treatments for 2 years, in researching herbal medicine and natural therapies, and my life experiences in Thailand since 2010, were the main motivation to design this project in 2013.

Meaningful Retreats

I believe that health and wellness it is direct related with our emotional state and life style. That is the reason why the Meaningful Retreats Program is not just focus in any particular activity, like meditation, yoga, massage, or nutrition, it is also a relaxing and joyful experience on a totally different environment.
A life changing experience.
Perhaps the best prevention and cure for most health problems. 

If Vacations are designed to have good and fun times, and sometimes, new adventures, I designed my retreat project in an unique way. 
A Healing Retreat to be also a Meaningful Vacation.
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